Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Hello, Hello, Hello!

I can’t believe it’s almost May!

For those of you who don’t know, my Ebook (Get The Look: The Essential Guide to Making a Beautiful Blog with Badass Branding) will go on sale on May 1st!

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Ebooks are such a great tool to drive traffic, monetize your blog, and brand yourself as the Know it all Expert you truly are, but most bloggers put off writing them because they don’t think they have the time.

If you’re looking to make a splash in your niche in a hurry, here is our simple guide to writing an ebook in only 30 Days.

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How to write an ebook in only 30 Days

Day 1-2, Concept & Planning – The first couple of days are the most fun and creative. Spend most of your time throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. Consider how your concept will shape your book, and how writable the idea will be. Spend time with each concept you’re considering. Think about it. Get to know it. Ask it about its dreams. Don’t just jump into bed with the first concept that you like, or you might just find yourself bored, annoyed, and sobbing into a carton of ice cream for the next 30 days.

Day 3-4, Outlining – Now that you’ve got all that concept jazz down it’s time to get busy making a more concrete plan for your project. While some writer’s prefer to write by the seat of their pants rather than following an outline, if your goal is speed, an outline will dramatically reduce your time spent in the trenches. Two full days may seem kind of excessive for the outlining process, but trust me, a little extra time here will save you a lot of painful rearranging and head scratching during the editing process.

Day 5 – 22, Writing – Here comes the biggest pain, the writing itself. This is the point where a lot of authors-to-be get bogged down and tangled up. Always keep moving, and don’t let yourself get stuck on a single section. Use your outline to jump from chapter to chapter, if need be to avoid the dreaded writer’s block. Stay on topic, stay on time and stay positive, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is closer than you think. ♥

Day 23 – 26, Editing – You’ve finished writing and now you never want to see another thesaurus again. Time to go back and re-read that masterpiece and honey, I’m gonna to tell ya now, it’s probably going to be a hot mess. Thoughts out of order, unfinished sentences, poorly constructed flow… don’t worry, it happens to everyone and it’s all a part of the process. Don’t believe me? Google some of Hemmingway’s rough drafts and you’ll see that even the most legendary writers have their own unique iterative process (and some even cuss like a truck driver on a Saturday night.) Never be afraid to make changes, it’s how we learn and grow.

Day 27 – 30, Proofreading & Final Changes – Once your book makes sense, it’s time to root out all of those spelling and grammar mistakes that are hiding in your text from that night you decided to write while drinking wine. One of the biggest dangers of speed writing is the possibility of making little errors and having them accidentally end up in your finished book. Read it out loud to yourself, sometimes hearing how something sounds when said out loud is enough to trigger your brain into realizing that it’s not right. Ask for help from friends and family. Use Grammarly, use a freelance editor, hell, use Fiverr if you have to, just have someone else read it to catch those tiny mistakes you might not notice as the author.

Day 31 Celebrate Good Times, Come on: You’re done! I’m so proud of you and you know you’re so damn proud of yourself. Go on, get down with your bad self! You wrote your first eBook like a freakin’ boss and now the whole world’s going to know just how awesome you and your blog are. ♥ Make sure to publicize it properly by making a blog post, writing a special newsletter to your subscribers, sending out information about its release through all of your social media channels and telling all of your friends and followers! Use your ebook as a jumping off point to grow your blog, your following and eventually your career. ♥