Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team


Could it really be Mid-Week already?

The days are just flying by quicker and quicker lately!

Well my loves, you’re in for a fun treat today!

Well… at least I think it’s fun… ♥

We have a ton of new bloggers joining our community every day and I constantly get emails with questions about how we started our blogs and grew their independent followings so quickly.

A while back, we did a 30 Day Double your traffic Challange for new bloggers on PrettyasPie.com and it was so successful, that it actually gave us the inspiration to start this very site!

Since then, we’ve started, and rebranded several other sites by implementing the same techniques we love to use, so today, I thought we’d share one of my favorites with you!

Every blogger has heard that commenting on other blogs drives traffic, but most don’t use that tool to its full potential.

When we start a blog in a new space, one of the first things we do after it is released is to identify the competitors in our niche, subscribe to their newsletters, and engage with their audience in their comment section.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to be a weirdo and leave a comment on every post or anything, but whenever a new post happens in your space, you should absolutely try to stop in and genuinely contribute to the conversation by speaking your mind.

Don’t be spammy, don’t make copy pasta, and don’t worry that you are only driving more traffic to your competitor, as there is truly enough room on the internet for everyone and it’s how you make friends in a new space.

Really. It’s that simple.

Here is my guide on how to use this technique to generate traffic for yourself.

Let me know if you leave comments on blogs in your niche to drive traffic to your own site and if you like this article please share it on Pinterest,  Facebook, or Twitter. ♥

With Love,

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

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How to use Commenting to Generate Substantial Blog Traffic

What a lovely view…count – If you’re commenting on an article from 6 years ago on a blog that has 2 views, no one is going to see the comment. Don’t be afraid to get out there and jump into a discussion that is active right now! Look for posts with high viewership, and activity in the comment section of old articles to make sure that your comment will be seen by as many readers as possible. Try to keep an eye on other bloggers in you niche and subscribe to their newsletters to learn when they will be posting so that you can be one of the first people to the discussion.

Tell me about it… – If you jump into a discussion about cats that is on a blog about cats, and you post a link to an article about the current state of the United Kingdom’s stock markets, no one is going to follow that link. Don’t be that person! We all hate it when someone comes in and tries to derail the conversation on our own blog, so why do it to someone else? Think about your comment from the perspective of those who will be reading it, if you personally wouldn’t find it relevant to the conversation, then just keep walking and find a different place to post for your reputation’s sake.

Spam, it’s not for winners. – Who likes spam? Anybody? Anybody? No? Then don’t be a spammer! Not only will your comments be ignored by most readers, there is a good chance that your comment will be removed by the author, and then nobody will see it anyway. Jump into the discussion, actually participate, and people will be far more likely to follow your links. As an added bonus, legitimate discussion will give your potential audience a chance to see what they could be reading on your site if they follow your link so make sure to represent yourself well and stay on topic.

Read all About it– Double check before you comment for spelling, grammar, and structure to make sure that the comment says what you think it says. Nothing is worse than sounding unprofessional because you didn’t stop to make sure that you used the right form of a word or going so quickly that you spelled something wrong and didn’t catch it. Believe me, I’ve been there. : / Plugins like Grammarly can help by checking as you write, but they aren’t fool-proof, so make sure you re-read it in full before you post it!

If you don’t have anything nice to say… – Keep your comments positive about the content that you’re commenting on. You don’t have to agree with everyone out there, but if you’re going to disagree be sure to do so in a polite or diplomatic way. Being intentionally inflammatory in your comments may seem like a good way to get attention, but no one likes a negative nancy, so the sort of traffic you’re going to get won’t be the type you’re looking for. Not only can negative comments bring you more work in cleaning up your own comment section from the angry responses, they can also earn you ill-will among your peers who may then stop reading your blog just to avoid the drama.