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I’m a huge believer that we’re all capable of doing amazing things that we never thought possible.

We all started blogging for a reason.

Maybe you wanted a hobby.

Maybe you wanted to share your passions.

Maybe you wanted to meet some new friends.

Unfortunately, sometimes getting traffic in the blogosphere can feel a little like high school, with only the most popular girls getting picked for the team.

Between Exclusive Link Parties, Blogging groups, and It girls pushing their favorite friends directly to the top, blogging can sometimes make you feel very alone.

What we all need to keep in mind, however, is that there is plenty of room for everyone to be successful at blogging.

With just a little more effort and some insider tips, we’ll have you doubling your traffic in no time.

Here are the four topics we will be dividing this Month’s 30 Day Challenge into.

Week 1: Do Unto Others- The Essential Rules of Commenting/liking/following on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vine, Youtube, Google +, and Facebook to drive traffic

Week 2: Share and Share Alike- Re-posting/Sharing industry expert content with your readers and reusing your old posts to drive traffic to your own blog.

Week 3: Believe in Your Selfie– Photo Loading, Long pins, Cover Photos, selfies, food pics, product endorsement, and general engagement to provide a better user experience for your readers and attract more traffic.

Week 4: If You Can’t Beat ’em– Linking, Blog Rolls, Link Parties, Interviews, and Sharing Readership; What it is, How to do it correctly to provide a mutually beneficial relationship, and Proper Linking etiquette.

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How to Double Your Blog Traffic in 30 Days Lesson Number I: Do Unto Others

 The First and Most essential method to increase your traffic in a short period of time is to get your content into the hands of people who want to read it! Writing your blog is only half of the battle. When you are new to the blogging world or have a low viewership, the most difficult part about blogging comes after you’ve published the post. Here are my favorite ways to let everyone know about your blog or it’s newest post.

Getting Started-If you are new to a social network, and have no friends, and no published content, I suggest checking out the other content that has been published in your niche before publishing anything of your own. Each Social Network is different, but most use some sort of Hashtag system in order to sort and rank posts into unique categories and themes.

Search for your favorite niche terms (i.e. food blogger, home decor, beauty blogger, fashion blogger, restaurant, designer, architect, ect.) and explore the content that has been posted in your favorite sections before posting your similarly structured content under the same tags.

Always have at least a few posts in your own feed (10-15), to give your followers an idea of what sort of posts you’ll be sharing, before pursing a ton of followers, likes, and comments from others.

Blogger Tip: Maintain a very curated feed at all times. Your followers want to see a well put together feed that isn’t spamming or offensive. Unless they are universal to the majority of your followers, (i.e. your thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of a mass tragedy, wishing the world a Happy Holiday Season, sharing a pleasant milestone that happened on your blog. ect.), keep your personal, political, and world views out of your feed.

Following- Following is the first step in making a connection with someone who may be interested in your blog. Search for bloggers in your niche on your specific social network, and follow them. While they might not follow you back, other smaller bloggers and people looking to connect with like minded users might find you through that followers list.  After you have followed that blogger, click on their followers list and follow all of their followers who seem interested and engaged (that could be 10’s of thousands for some bloggers!) Go into each followers feed and like a few photos you find relevant or entertaining and comment on 2 or 3 of your favorites! Each Social network imposes their own following limits on the number of users your can like, follow, and comment on but if you are doing this process by hand, it would be hard to hit the limit. (Do this activity with as many people as possible per day, and don’t be discouraged if only a small percentage follow you back. The more you do this, the more followers you will gain.)

Little Tip: Always be genuine in your comments. Don’t feel the need to write long drawn out comments on every picture, just speak as though you’re talking to a friend! If you don’t like something, don’t force a comment or it may come across as unnatural and a little weird.

Liking- Liking is a great way to show support for the accounts who have taken the time to follow you. Sort through your daily feed and like all posts that are interesting to you or your fans and share your favorites by re-posting or re-tweeting with your own commentary added on. Additionally, search a few key terms from your niche and like the posts that you agree with or would like to support. Do this on a Daily Basis to maintain a strong following on your social networks.

Little Tip: Don’t be shy with liking posts. One like to an account that follows you is not going to get you noticed! There is nothing wrong with liking 4 or 5 of the photos in someone’s gallery, if you actually do find them interesting, just use discretion when the photos are not directly pertaining to your blog’s genre.

Commenting- Commenting on social networks is the number one way I drive engagement and traffic to my posts. Commenting is a way to let your followers know that you care about what they are posting and are interested in what they have to say! Always respond to any comments made on your own posts (it’s best if you do this for each person and not as a large  group response) and be certain to thank the person who commented by finding a photo or post on their profile to comment on in return. Resist the urge to ask users to read your blog or follow you back or other spammy requests! If you present yourself as a credible and helpful resource who comments on their feed, they will follow you.

Little Tip: I always try to go back a little farther in the feeds of the new people I discover as well as commenting on one of the newer photos. Doing so allows me to comment on photos that might not be receiving a lot of attention right now, and might be easier noticed by a user with a busy feed.

Blog Commenting- Once you’ve established a relationship with a person’s account on a social network, I always think it’s nice to go check out the website or blog they have linked in their profile. Those bloggers want traffic just as much as you do, and who doesn’t love receiving comments on their work! Always make sure your comment is relevant to the actual topic of the post and NEVER ask the blogger to check out your blog in a comment on their blog! Check each blog weekly and leave a comment on their newest post using the contact email address of your blog to remind them of you and encourage friendship.

Little Tip: To make this process easier for yourself in the future, make a folder named Blogs to Check and add a bookmarked link for each of the new blogs you’ve visited as you go along.

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