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Once you’ve been blogging for a long enough time (i.e. the first time you look at WordPress and think ‘you really are doing this just to hurt me aren’t you?!), your mind starts to melt, and you begin to think of things in strange new Alice in Wonderland Style Ways. There is just something odd that separates the mind of a blogger from the minds of normal 9-5ers , and once you get to that state there is just no going back.

10 Things Only Bloggers Would Understand

Blogging is a Round the Clock Job: You are never, ever not blogging, or thinking of blogging, no matter what else you are doing right now (Especially if you’re blogging…♥.) When you walk into a room and immediately scope it out so you can describe it to your readers later, there is a good chance you are a born blogger.

The Importance Of Pictures Is Way Higher Than You Ever Thought: Other people might take a picture of a particularly pretty plant that they found on their travels. You, however, need twenty pictures of that plant, from every angle, oh and can we wait a few hours until the light is better? You can never, never have enough pictures!

Anything Can Be A Blog Post: During the course of the day it’s not uncommon for you to think multiple times about ideas for a blog post while doing everyday activities. Taking a package to the post office? Post Office Hacks: Ship it cheaper in half the time! Shopping at the store? 10 irrefutable reasons every woman loves shopping! Taking a bath? 6 Essentials for the Most Relaxing Bath Ever. Nothing is off limits when blogging, and sooner or later you will start to see the blog post in all that you do.

Being Away From Email For A Long Time Can Be Devastating: Most people close their internet tab or their mail client when five o’clock Friday night rolls around and don’t think about it again until Monday morning, but for a blogger there is no way to go that long without checking, a hundred things could have happened! It is always advisable to have your phone by your bedside so you can check your email in the middle of the night without getting  up when you are seized by the need to do so.

You’re on social media more than a 12 Year old Girl with an iphone: Remember when social media used to be something that you just looked at in your free time? Well now you’re forced to look at it all the time! Not only do you need to respond to social media as quick as possible to keep the public’s attention, you need to be on the forefront of all new developments. Always. Forever. RIGHT NOW!

That Feeling When You Get A Negative Comment: Constructive criticism or not, when you get a negative comment on one of your posts the feeling of devastation that you get is all too real. It’s enough to put you into a bad mood for the whole day, and others just won’t understand when you try to explain. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Drink some Chai and remember that the mean commenter was probably a lonely grown man living in his parent’s basement anyway…

You Will Be Friends With A Bunch Of People You Have Never Actually Met: After making friends with other bloggers you will begin to realize that shared experiences will give you really strong bonds with these people, and you will really begin to think of them as your friends, but sooner or later you will begin to realize that you have never actually seen any of these people.

You Have Forgotten The Meaning Of “Relax”: When your friends will tell you that you need to take some time off to relax and to just leave the camera at home. You will spend the entire day thinking of all the blog related things that you could be doing and get incredibly stressed out. Relaxing is no longer something that you can do. Not for any prolonged period of time any way.

You Compare Your Blog To Every Other Blog Out There: As you browse the internet you will no longer be looking at other blogs just for content. You will start to compare designs, features, and posting volume. You will no longer read other blogs for enjoyment, but merely to see how they stack up against your own, and when you find a new, better blog you will begin to build again, in a constant race to out do all other bloggers.

Losing Internet For A Long Period Of Time Might Actually Kill You: You will begin to dread the possibility of your internet dropping, or your power going out. Large stretches of internet-less land may cause you to start sweating. Camping? “Will there be WiFi?” you will ask. The idea of going without working on your blog for that long will become a foreign and unacceptable thought.