Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Hey There!

My name is Emma Rae Thomas and I hate social media.

It’s true.

I’m sorry.

That’s just the way it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very good at it, it’s just not my jam. ( I do ♥ Pinterest Though)

As a blogger, one of the most important and most difficult parts about our job is connecting on a personal level while vying for the attention of thousands of people every day through our social networks.

I’m naturally a very shy person and contacting people out of the blue gives me serious anxiety.

What if they don’t respond?

What if they don’t like me?

What if they don’t like one of my sites?

In an age where your digital footprint lives on to haunt you far longer than your high school year book photo ever did, getting it right on social media is growing more and more important with every passing year.

Though the task of maintaining a constant presence on the most popular networks may be unpleasant at times, there are definitely a few tools we can use to lighten our loads in the social media world.

Let me know which tool is your favorite in the comments below!

With Love,

♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

The Poor Little Blogger Promise: It is our mission to provide you with a thorough and well-researched list of tools that come personally recommend by The Poor Little Blogger Team. We put a lot of time into finding the right tools and sites that we hope you’ll love and we promise to only publish opinions we fully support and believe in. Some of the Links we publish are affiliate links to the advertisers and sponsors that make this site possible so please use our links to show your continued support for the site you Know and Love. ♥

9 Social Media Automation Tools that Actually Work

Ninja Pinner– If your big problem with Pinterest is trying to find followers then I strongly suggest trying Ninja Pinner. This easy peasy program can quickly gather long lists of users to follow or even pins to like. It also has the handy little capability of unfollowing users who haven’t followed you back within a certain period of time and can also leave automatic comments based on sets of rules you create. Definitely a Pinterest Must Have!

NinjaGram– Need Instagram Followers? Try Ninjagram! Created by the same snazzy team that made Ninja Pinner, NinjaGram is an amazing suite of automation software for IG that allows you to gather usernames from lists, keyword searches, or Instagram accounts and like, follow, or comment on them automatically. This is super great for improving your following, but you still need to spend a ton of time on IG commenting on other peoples photos to drive traffic.

TumbleNinja– Into Tumbler? Well, they’ve got a ninja for that too! TumbleNinja works quite like the other two ninja products, but it has a couple of Tumblr-specific features that help it stand out from the pack. One of these snazzy new features is the ability to reblog posts from bloggers on a schedule. No more worrying about reblogging at the wrong times, just set it and forget it like a Ronco Rotisserie, and let it do the work.

Tailwind– Focus on Me! This is hands down, my favorite social media tool! If you can only afford one tool for your blog, I NEED you to understand that THIS should be your choice! I love Pinterest, not just because it drives over 65 percent of our traffic, but because it’s much more of a creative experience than other social networks! The only problem with Pinterest is that you can’t set your pins to trickle out over time so that you aren’t flooding your audience with a ton of Office Updo’s or Coffee Recipes at once… but with Tailwind, NOW YOU CAN!!!!!! Cue the Doves please! Tailwind not only allows you to set up a backlog of pins that your feed pulls from but it also lets you randomize them once they are in that queue and suggests the best possible times to pin so you are most likely to get the highest amount of engagement from your users! This is a MUST for anyone looking to professionally blog! ♥

Buffer– Buffer has a similar feel to Tailwind, as they are both automation tools used to schedule and release content at specific times. Buffer, however, has a heavy focus on Twitter and Facebook, rather than Pinterest. One touch publishing allows you to schedule a tweet, retweet, or a Facebook post from any page, add it to the queue and when its turn arrives, it gets published. Buffer also comes with a suite of automation tools that are ideal for figuring out when to publish to ensure maximum visibility based on your demographics.

Mass Planner– Mass Planner is my homey, because it definitely has my back. It’s one of the more powerful social media automation tools available, capable of handling everything from likes and comments to posts from multiple sources across a wide range of social networks. It works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, however, it’s Instagram capabilities are more limited than some other IG Platforms. Additionally, learning to set up certain features may be a little more difficult than in other, more platform-specific programs, but all in all, it’s absolutely worth the time and effort it saves you!

Socialbro– Like Twitter? Got Socialbro? From small blogs to big businesses, SocialBro has you covered when it comes to Twitter management. It provides a whole suite of analytics software that you can start with to find out the most effective times to publish, and the best audiences to target with your campaigns. It also allows you to publish your new campaign and track your posts and statistics to measure its effectiveness for future reference.

Hootsuite– Need help gathering it all in one place? Hootsuite allows you to display feeds from a variety of Networks side by side, making it simpler to keep track of your social media presence across multiple sites. It’s a great way not only to automate your posting, but also to keep an eye on your mentions, likes, and reposts, giving you a powerful measuring stick to monitor the effects you’re having across the whole blogosphere.

Zapier – This tool makes automation simple by allowing you to set up a series of rules that actively monitor services for changes and then perform a set of actions based on that change. This can be things as simple as like a post every time a certain author makes a new one, to something as complex as posting across several networks and commenting every time you publish a new post on your blog. This one takes a little setup, but once it is done, you can create your own tool that can manage all sorts of features on all the gosh darn services you’d like.