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I’m so excited to present the 4th week and final chapter of our 30 day challenge: Double Your Blog Traffic in 30 days!

If you haven’t read Lesson 1, Lesson 2, or Lesson 3, feel free to catch up before diving in!

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Week 4: If You Can’t Beat ’em- Linking, Blog Rolls, Link Parties, Interviews, and Sharing Readership; What it is, How to do it correctly to provide a mutually beneficial relationship, and Proper Linking etiquette.

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How to Double Your Blog Traffic in 30 Days Lesson Number IV: If You Can’t Beat ’em

Linking: Linking to the sites of other bloggers is a quick and easy way to build traffic. Providing a quick link to a blogger in your niche in a comment or post on your social media accounts will give your readers a chance to check out another blog that is related to their favorite niche, making you appear as an authority in your field and giving your readers something interesting to read, when you are not posting your own content. It is also not uncommon to receive a link back in return from other bloggers, or at very least a thank you comment.

Little Tip: When giving a link, be it on social media or in a blog post, be sure that any comments that you have about the other post are genuine. If your comments feel forced or fake, your readers will know it, and the blogger to whom you linked will likely realize it as well.

Blog Rolls: For those unfamiliar with the term, a blog roll is a list of other blogs that a blogger enjoys or supports. It is normally placed in the sidebar of your site, although there is no hard and fast rule stating that the sidebar is where it has to be. Placing a blog roll on your site serves several purposes, including the chance of that blog posting your link in their side bar in response. Additionally, having high quality links on your site to other reputable blogs is a great way to make your blog feel more legitimate, both to potential readers, and to search engine spiders (which can give you a quick SEO boost.)

Little Tip: To create a good blog roll for your readers, try to keep the roll separated into multiple categories, like other blogs by me, other blogs in my niche, and other blogs outside of my niche. This will give your readers a good idea of what they will see when they follow the link and gives your blog roll a clean and organized feel.

Link Parties: Link parties are a great way for multiple blogs to get linked up quickly and easily. A link party, otherwise known as a link up or blog hop party, is when a number of bloggers get together with the specific purpose of linking to one another’s sites on a regularly scheduled basis, usually with a set purpose (like a shared writing prompt or topic). This allows for traffic sharing on a regular basis, not to mention a considerable amount of comment love, as jumping across to other blogs in the link party to comment on the shared articles is considered good etiquette. For the best results, choose a regular schedule, a fun name for your link party, and be sure to promote it ahead of the launch on social media (have the other members of the party do this as well to build up buzz).

Little Tip: A well made logo will give your fellow bloggers something nice to post on their sites, and give all of your social media followers something beautiful to share to help build up excitement.

Interviews: While mentioning and linking other bloggers in a post is good, an interview brings that blogger in to collaborate with you on a post, which means that they will be more invested in the post’s success. Readers love learning more about the blogs that they love, so having an interview with another blogger is a quick way to bring in traffic from other sites. From a reader’s perspective, interviews can be a great way to get another perspective on things as well as being a great source of inspiration. Interviews also give you a great chance to start building a relationship with other bloggers and their readership, which can really help build a sense of community.

Little Tip: When done correctly a group interview can be amazing. While they may seem somewhat more daunting than a simpler interview format, don’t shy away as the results can be completely worth the extra effort.

Proper Linking Etiquette: I hate to sound like the Real Housewives of Potomac here but one of the things that you need to keep in mind as you start linking to other blogs is that following proper linking etiquette is essential to maximize your benefits from linking. If someone gives you a link, it is only polite to link back or at the very least review their site for the potential of a link back, as well as commenting back to those who comment on your blog.

Little Tip: When linking to another blog, try to link an article that is related to the topic that you are speaking about rather than a generic link to the main blog site. This will give your readers something that they can jump right into reading rather than having to search through to the other blog for posts related to your current topic.


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