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I am so excited to continue our 30 Day Challenge: Double Your Blog Traffic in 30 Days! (Check out part 1 here if you haven’t already. ♥)

Today’s Topic is one that is a super easy way to get more followers on your favorite social media feed, help other bloggers in your industry notice you, and squeeze the most out of the content that you have!

It’s an easy technique that is often underutilized, and when used correctly can absolutely help you step up your blogging game and grow your traffic.

Week 2: Share and Share Alike-  Re-posting/Sharing industry expert content with your readers and reusing your old posts to drive traffic to your own blog.

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How to Double Your Blog Traffic in 30 Days Lesson Number II: Share & Share Alike

Expert Eye – One easy way to give your feed a more professional feel, and make it more valuable is to share content from other bloggers in your niche. Be sure to only repost content from another user if it is relevant to your reader base.

When finding content, limit your reposting to bloggers who have around the same amount of followers as you. Repost from several different experts in your field (I personally keep a list of 60 that I connect with on a monthly basis) to provide a variety of voices for your readers to discover.

When re-posting, be sure that you add your own commentary. This is super important as simply re-posting without saying anything doesn’t provide any additional value to the blogger who’s content you shared or make you look like an expert in your readers eyes.

Comments don’t need to be long. Just a quick note on why you liked the piece, product, or picture, and why it’s relevant to your readers is a great way to make your feed look full and interesting.

Little Tip: When making your own comment, be sure to make it authentic, don’t just share something for the sake of adding another item to your feed. Your readers will know if your tone sounds off, and in their eyes you will seem less genuine, which can lose you more readers than you will gain from the re-post.

Repost, Reuse, Recycle – Reusing your old posts to drive traffic is an essential way to get the most mileage out of the blog posts you have already created.

While you might have gotten a large response out of your original social media post for an article, some people in your feed may have missed the original post, or not clicked through to read the article on your site. Additionally, you likely have new followers that have never been exposed to the original post.

When recycling a post that you have already used once, be sure to use a different photo, and a different comment so that you avoid the production of duplicate content within your feed, while still fleshing it out to give it a more full and professional look.

Be sure to allow an appropriate amount of time between re-posts (the time may vary depending on how often you post to your feed) and intersperse these reuses between new content and shared content from other bloggers feeds.

Little Tip: Always try to post an article that contains several photos. It makes it much easier to repost old content and gives your article a greater chance of being discovered on Pinterest.

Stay Tuned Next Thursday for Week 3 in our 4 part series, Believe in Your Selfie!

Week 3: Believe in Your Selfie– Photo Loading, Long pins, Cover Photos, selfies, food pics, product endorsement, and general engagement to provide a better user experience for your readers and attract more traffic.

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