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Let’s face it, WordPress is huge! More so than any other blogging platform, it dominates the space like a mother lion in heat. Whether or not you like all of it’s “Quirks”, you’re probably still going to use it, (likely while swearing and waving your arms…) as it is the simplest solution to the larger problem of how to create and manage a website with no programming experience. What happens when you need a solution to “fix” some of WordPress’ more Colorful issues? You call in the big guns of course…. that’s right… Plugins!

Plugins are the all in one solution to getting the functionality you need from WordPress while still being able bury your head in the sand and not learn php. (I’d rather be drinking Chai thank you very much.) They are a simple and effective solution for professional bloggers the world around, but more importantly, they are essential to the establishment and survival of a new blog.

As a woman who has started a company around beating WordPress into working, I’ve found that there are a specific set of plugins that I like to use to keep the bugs at bay and the posts in play.

10 Best Free WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers

  1. Click To Tweet – This simple plugin is a great way to grab your best content and give it to your readers in a quickly tweetable form, complete with hashtags and a link to your original article. Definitely a social media must have and one that you can view on this blog all the time!
  2. Akismet – Akistmet comes pre-installed on most standard WordPress installations, and for good reason. Akismet is an active spam fighting system to help keep those pesky scammer comments off of your blog. While there is a price for the professional version, the simple version is available free of cost.
  3. Yoast – SEO is one of the biggest troubles that bloggers have. Yoast provides a unified way of adding meta information used by Google, and a number of social media sites to your blog in a quick and intuitive manner, as well as giving you some heads up on where your SEO game is the weakest.
  4. SumoMe – Sumo Me is actually a plugin that gives you access to a whole suite of tools. While some of the tools require a subscription to use, the free ones make this plugin more than worth your time to download. It also syncs really nicely with a number of other plugins and web services like Mail Chimp.
  5. CommentLuv – This simple plugin is a great way to build a sense of community between you and your fellow bloggers by adding the option to put in an automatic link to the bottom of their comments with a link back to their latest article. This is a great way to get started when it comes to networking with others in your niche.
  6. Google XML Sitemaps – More SEO goodness in the form of sitemap created to Google standards that search engine spiders can use to traverse your site more easily. This is another great way to boost your Google search ranking.
  7. Wordfence – An excellent tool for providing your site with top tier security, free of charge. This plugin provides enterprise level security and it can start with a scan of your files to determine if you have already been infected. 
  8. Related Posts – If you are looking for an easy way to provide links to other posts from the bottom of the current post, this plugin is a great way to do it. Adjustable, and easy to customize the look of, this plugin is an neat way to keep your readers jumping from article to article.
  9. Wp to Twitter – Automation goes a long way in the world of blogging, so a plugin to automatically send out a tweet to your followers every time you publish a new article can save you valuable time that could be spent working on your next post.
  10. Wp-Optimize – This plugin takes a lot of the terror out of cleaning up your WordPress database, and brings a lot of simple optimizations that make your site far easier to use (not to mention faster). Whether you need to clean out junk data, or do some work on a whole bunch of posts, this plugin has you covered without having to worry about complex database queries.