Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Feel free to pin and share ♥ Emma Rae Thomas + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Oh Monday,

…you just came too soon.

Am I the only one dragging today?


At least we get to talk about everyone’s favorite blogging topic, Monetization!

While, it might not be your top goal for your blog, monetization often becomes a large part of the bigger picture as your blog matures.

Because blog monetization is such a large and multi-faceted topic, it often has the effect of making people feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning their blog’s earning strategies, and thus gets pushed off until the blogger has more experience and is better equipped to handle the necessary challenges of being a business on top of the normal day to day blogging tasks.

While there are tons of networks, tools, and strategies bloggers use to consistently make money with their sites, a few in particular stand out as the must-know secrets of the trade.

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The Poor Little Blogger Promise: It is our mission to provide you with a thorough and well-researched list of tools that come personally recommend by The Poor Little Blogger Team. We put a lot of time into finding the right tools and sites that we hope you’ll love and we promise to only publish opinions we fully support and believe in. Some of the Links we publish are affiliate links to the advertisers and sponsors that make this site possible so please use our links to show your continued support for the site you Know and Love. ♥

6 Must Have tools for Seamless Monetization

Google AdSense – Okay, wait a minute. I know. I know. Everyone uses AdSense. But, that is why it’s on this list, because EVERYONE uses Adsense! Access to this simple program can provide you with access to a large number of pre-formated ads, automatically randomized and targeted to your audience in particular. The network is pay-per-click, but the fact that the ads are tailored to your individual readers make them much more effective. It’s free, it’s easy, it offers great customization abilities, but as a downside, you often hear of sites getting kicked out of the program for less than legit sounding reasons.

Share A Sale – One of the easiest to use affiliate programs out there (and we should know, we use most of them lol), Share A Sale is a great way to make some money with affiliate referrals. If you do a lot of product suggesting or reviews on your blog, you will want a solid affiliate program so that you can get some of the profits from those sales. As an added bonus, Share A Sale has a quick, easy tool for exporting large sets of products, and a custom link builder for when you need to link directly to a specific page.

CJ – Another great affiliate network, CJ (formerly known as Commission Junction) also makes it incredibly easy to capitalize on affiliate ads and sales. The two programs have very different lists of merchants (although there is some overlap.. email me for a really funny story about the time we thought we’d lost an affiliate, only to realize we hadn’t lost them, we had just applied to their program through the wrong affiliate program! ), so double check where the merchants that you are looking to partner with are affiliates. It is also worth noting that CJ has a quick linking tool that you can use to generate affiliate links in seconds for super fast blogging potential.

How To Start A Blog Page – Once you start getting a larger readership, one thing that a lot of your readers will start asking you questions about is How they can build their own blog and the equipment that you use. Help a new blogger on their way, and make some affiliate cash at the same time by suggesting the TRIED AND TRUE tools you use everyday. Always make sure that you only recommend tools and programs that you use yourself, or you will lose your readers trust and gain one heck of a backlash against your blog.

Related Posts Plugin – While this doesn’t initially seem monetization-oriented, the end goal is a boost in revenue. Having a related posts plugin display additional posts from your blog can give you additional page views, which can raise your search rankings, and make your site seem more reputable to top tier ad networks and affiliate programs. Additionally, each time a reader sees a new page on the site, your ads will refresh, giving you another chance for your readers to click them.

Amazon Associates – Quick, think of something you want to buy. Now check to see if it is on amazon. 9 times out of 10, it is. Amazon is one of the largest online retailers, and affiliate status will give you access to that entire list of products. While Amazon’s affiliate program is somewhat more difficult to use than the others (there isn’t an easy export function you can use to get a long list of products of a certain type), it’s extensiveness easily makes up for it. No matter what niche your blog is in, Amazon sells products for your blog to feature boo.