Feel free to pin and share Noah D. Brown + The Poor Little Blogger Team

Feel free to pin and share Noah D. Brown + The Poor Little Blogger Team

What Up!

It’s Motivation & Inspiration Sunday and this is my first official post with poor little blogger!

This week’s 101 life-changing blog post idea article is going far into the depths of my soul… gaming.

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Noah D. Brown + The Poor Little Blogger Team


101 Life Changing Blog Post Ideas For Gamers

  1. 5 Best Video Game Movie Adaptations
  2. 6 Most Exciting New Games Coming Out In The Next 6 Months
  3. 8 Surprising Ways Technology Has Changed How We Game
  4. 12 Ways Science Is Improving Our Lives Every Day
  5. 7 Greatest Game Stories Ever Told
  6. What Space X’s Success Means For The Space Industry
  7. 6 Most Powerful Gaming Systems Currently On The Market
  8. 7 Ways Computers Changed Our Everyday Lives
  9. 6 Ways To Give Back While You Game
  10. 9 Great Places To Get Game Assets For Low Prices
  11. 5 Independent Games Everyone Is Looking Forward To
  12. Microsoft Vs. Mac, The Next Step In The War Of The OS’s
  13. 3 Surprising Stories Behind The Creation Of Famous Videos Games
  14. AlphaGo, GoogleDeepMind, And How We Game: A Look At How We Learn To Play Games
  15. 5 Educational Games That Are Perfect For The Classroom
  16. 4 Ways To Break Into The Gaming Industry As An Indie Developer
  17. 10 Tips For Marketing Your New Game
  18. Tips For Aspiring Developers From An Industry Insider
  19. 5 Great Geeky Charities To Donate To
  20. 7 Best Cons To Go To This Year
  21. 3 Best Game Engines For Indie Developers On A Budget
  22. Tech & Agriculture: 7 Strange Tech-Based Farming Advancements
  23. 4 Latest Movies We Are Looking Forward To
  24. 8 Family Friendly Games That Your Whole Family Will Enjoy
  25. 10 Exciting New Technologies (That Have Been Around For Years)
  26. 5 Surprising Changes Gaming Has Undergone In The Last 15 Years
  27. 4 New Security Concerns For Streaming Video Services
  28. The Dangers Of Video Game Addiction To Todays Society
  29. 4 Great Playlists For Getting Pumped While Gaming
  30. 5 Weird Ways The Gaming Industry Changed Gambling
  31. 7 Terrifying Data Leaks And How They Happened
  32. 12 Common Modern Security Breaches (And How You Can Avoid Them)
  33. Gaming Evolution: What’s Next For The Ever Expanding MOBA Industry?
  34. 6 Fascinating Studies On Gaming’s Effects On The Brain
  35. 3 Ways To Improve The Way The Media Views Modern Gaming
  36. 7 Early Games That Shaped The Way We Play
  37. 8 Amazing Board Games (That Are Secretly Educational)
  38. 5 Great Games That Support The Video Games As Art Theory
  39. 5 Surprising Reasons You Really Don’t Want To Be A Game Developer
  40. The Final Frontier: Star Trek Captains Ranked From Best To Worst
  41. 4 Amazing Uses For Autonomous Drones
  42. 8 Newest Advancements In The World Of Artificial Intelligence
  43. 9 Sweet Gadgets That Make Awesome Gifts
  44. 6 Mobile Apps That Everyone Should Have On Their Phones
  45. 4 Canceled TV Shows That Netflix Saved
  46. 5 Strange Ways Computer Viruses Have Evolved Since The 90’s
  47. 7 Most Hyped Games (That Failed On Launch)
  48. 10 Ways The Gaming Industry Hype Engine Is Damaging To The Gaming Industry
  49. 5 Best E3 Panels This Year
  50. 3 Neat Ways To Make Online Shopping More Secure
  51. 7 Scary Implications Of Personal Drone Use
  52. 3 Landmark Legal Rulings In Their Implications For The Video Games Industry
  53. Online Gambling Legality And Why It’s Important To All Of Us
  54. 5 Interesting Studies On Why We Game
  55. 4 Best Superhero Movies (And Why We Loved Them)
  56. Welcoming Our Robot Overlords: Should We Be Afraid Of The Singularity?
  57. 5 New Phones And Why We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On Them
  58. The Future Of Streaming TV: What Netflix’s Success Means For Cable TV
  59. 7 Amazing Tools Used To Create The Special Effects In Your Favorite Movies
  60. 4 Sales For The Gamer On A Budget
  61. 8 Nostalgic Games That Still Stand Up Today
  62. 3 IPhone Games That Are Keeping The Point And Click Adventure Genre Alive
  63. 5 Genres Of Game That Have All But Died Out
  64. 6 Games That Were Canned For Terrible Reasons
  65. 5 Reasons That Games Go From Great To Terrible In Production
  66. 3 Ways That Early Access Gaming Has Changed The Development Cycle
  67. 5 Reasons The Game Publishing Industry Has Become Obsolete
  68. 10 Best Freeware Games
  69. 3 Pre-Alphas Worth A Look
  70. 5 YouTube Channels For Lets Plays
  71. 3  Streaming Channels For Live Stream Gamers
  72. Free To Play Vs. Pay To Play. Balancing Your Funding Scheme
  73. Best Games To Come Out Since The Year 2000
  74. 5 Favorite News Sources For Up And Coming Games
  75. The Evolution Of Sandbox Gaming
  76. 3 New Ways To Release Unfunded Games
  77. 6 Games That Shaped The Way We Pay
  78. Why Casual Games Are Important To The Games Industry
  79. 10 Games That Defined Their Genres
  80. 15 Ways We Define Game Genres Incorrectly
  81. 7 New Technologies That Changed The Way We’ve Gamed
  82. 6 Ways That Games Have Influenced Popular Culture
  83. 6 Fun Facts We Learned About Gaming
  84. Why We Control Games The Way We Do
  85. 3 Different
  86. PC Vs. Console: The True Master Race
  87. Why Do We Game: A Psychological Answer
  88. What Is The Ultimate Console?
  89. 7 Worst Games Of All Time
  90. Why ET The Game Really Wasn’t That Bad
  91. 5 Say Recent Tragedies Have Affected The Gaming Industries
  92. 10 Ways The Publishing Industry Is Outdated (And Not Just For Gaming)
  93. 6 New Shows Gamers Will Love
  94. 7 Tools The Gaming Industries Loves
  95. Why Half-Life 3 Is Never Coming Out
  96. 5 Games You Could Have Invented (While Extremely Drunk)
  97. Duke Nukem Forever – The Dangers Of Abandon-Ware Development
  98. 45 Games You Should Play Before You Die
  99. 6 Best Game To Book Adaptations
  100. 75 Games That Will Change Your Life
  101. The Game That Made Me Who I Am